KANE Stoneworks

At Kane Stoneworks we make custom gemstone 1911 grips. We use the hardest natural Agate and Jasper, not composites. A layer of rubber backing is applied; recoil buffer and grip screw O rings are included. These grips are not for extensive firing. Upon request we can make Grips for Trophy 1911′s with gemstones like Lapis Lazuli which should not be fired (for show only).

Our gemstone handeled knives are make with blanks from a few suppliers like Jantz, Coldland, Alabama Damascus as well as some unknown foreign companies. Folding knives are made by companies like Buck, Gerber, TNZ. Folding knives scales are removed  copied and replaced with gemstone ones (manufactures warrenty will be viod).

In the near future we will be making our own knives as will as using billets from well know damascus mills.

Thanks for looking!